TD Bank Unlimited Chequing Account

The TD Bank Unlimited Chequing Account is designed for customers who require extensive banking services without worrying about transaction limits or additional fees, offering a comprehensive banking solution with added benefits.

Key Features:

  • No monthly fee with a minimum balance of $4,000 or more.
  • Unlimited transactions including withdrawals, transfers, and bill payments.
  • Access to a vast network of over 3,500 ATMs across Canada.
  • Option to receive eStatements for eco-friendly account management.
  • 24/7 customer service support.

Additional Details:

The TD Bank Unlimited Chequing Account caters to customers who prefer flexibility and unlimited access to their funds with no transaction limits. It is ideal for individuals with active banking needs and frequent transactions.


Who is eligible to apply for the TD Bank Unlimited Chequing Account?

Any individual who meets TD Bank’s account opening criteria can apply for this account. Applicants typically need to provide identification and meet the age requirements.

What is the minimum balance required to avoid the monthly fee?

To waive the monthly fee, you must maintain a minimum balance of $4,000 in your TD Bank Unlimited Chequing Account.

Are there any fees for using non-TD Bank ATMs?

Yes, fees may apply when using non-TD Bank ATMs. It is advisable to refer to the fee schedule for current information on ATM fees.

Can I access my account online?

Yes, you can manage your TD Bank Unlimited Chequing Account conveniently online through EasyWeb or the TD mobile banking app, ensuring easy access to your account information and transactions.

Does the TD Bank Unlimited Chequing Account offer overdraft protection?

Yes, TD Bank provides overdraft protection options with the Unlimited Chequing Account. You can apply for overdraft protection to cover transactions that exceed your available balance and avoid overdraft fees.