BMO Premium Plan

Experience the BMO Premium Plan, an exclusive financial service crafted to elevate your banking experience with premium benefits and personalized solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Concierge Banking: Enjoy dedicated concierge banking services for personalized assistance and support.
  • Comprehensive Wealth Management: Access to expert wealth management advice and solutions tailored to your financial goals.
  • Enhanced Rewards Program: Earn enhanced rewards for banking activities and transactions.
  • Priority Service: Priority access to specialized financial advisors and customer support.
  • Exclusive Events and Offers: Invitations to exclusive events and access to premium financial products and services.


What are the eligibility criteria for the BMO Premium Plan?

The BMO Premium Plan is designed for clients who maintain higher account balances or have significant investments with BMO. Contact us or visit our website for specific eligibility requirements.

How can I enroll in the BMO Premium Plan?

You can enroll in the BMO Premium Plan by contacting your dedicated financial advisor or visiting any BMO branch. Our advisors will guide you through the enrollment process and tailor the plan to meet your financial needs.

What types of accounts are included in the BMO Premium Plan?

The BMO Premium Plan includes a range of accounts such as high-interest savings accounts, premium checking accounts, and investment portfolios managed by BMO Wealth Management. You can customize your plan based on your financial objectives.

Is there a fee for the BMO Premium Plan?

Yes, there is a monthly fee associated with the BMO Premium Plan. The fee may vary depending on the services and features included in your personalized plan. For detailed fee information, please refer to our fee schedule or speak with your financial advisor.

How can I access my account information with the BMO Premium Plan?

You can access your account information conveniently through our advanced online banking platform or mobile app designed for premium plan members. Additionally, your dedicated financial advisor is available to provide personalized assistance and guidance as needed.